Epever Tracer AN 80 Amp MPPT charge controller Support Parallel System

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1.Comply with IEC62109-1 and EN61000-6-1/3 standard certification
2.High quality and low failure rate components of ST or IR to ensure the service life
3.High tracking efficiency of MPPT no less than 99.5%.
4.Maximum DC/DC transfer efficiency is as high as 98.6%; full load efficiency is up to 98 %
5.Accurate recognizing and tracking technology of multi-peaks maximum power point
6.Wider MPP running voltage to increase the PV modules' utilization ratio
7.Support the lead-acid and lithium batteries
8.Programmable temperature compensation feature for batteries.
9.Real-time energy statistics function
10.High temperature charging automatic power reduction function
11.100% charging and discharging in the working environment temperature range
12. Up to 6 controllers connection in parallel to expand the system
13. Load dry contact to control the external load switch
14. To set the first and the second disconnection voltage of load by the software
15. Auto-control of utility and generator dry contact design to compose a hybrid power system easily
16.Remote temperature and voltage sensor design to collect more accurate battery temperature/terminal voltage and eliminate the battery cables' voltage drop
17. Isolated RS485 communication ports (Modbus protocol)
18. 5V/200mA RS485 communication ports with short circuit protection
19. Support remote monitoring and parameters setting via the APP or PC software

Model: Tracer8420AN
Battery type: Lead-acid (Sealed/Gel/Flooded)/Lithium (LiFePO4/Li(NiCoMn)O2)/User
Rated charge current: 80A
Battery input voltage range: 8V~68V
Rated charge power:
Max. conversion efficiency: 98.60%
Tracking efficiency: ≥99.5%
Max. PV open circuit voltage: 200V(At minimum operating environment temperature)
180V(At 25℃ environment temperature)
MPP voltage range: (Battery Voltage+2V)~144V
Equalization voltage: Sealed:14.6V,Flooded:14.8V,User-defifined:9-17V
Boost voltage: Gel:14.2V,Sealed:14.4V,Flooded:14.6V,User-defifined:9-17V
Float voltage: Gel/Sealed/Flooded:13.8V,User-defifined:9-17V
Low voltage reconnect voltage: Gel/Sealed/Flooded:12.6V,User-defifined:9-17V
Low voltage disconnect voltage: Gel/Sealed/Flooded:11.1V,User-defifined:9-17V
Self-consumption: 98mA/12V;60mA/24V;50mA/36V;46mA/48V
Temperature compensation( for lead-acid battery):-3mV/℃/2V(Default)
Communication interface: RS485(5VDC/200mA, Two RJ45 ports in parallel)
Grounding: Common negative
Operating temperature range: `-25℃~+60℃(derating above 45℃)
Dimensions: 394×240×134 mm
Net weight: 6.1 kg

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