6200W DC 48V Single Phase AC 220V Pure Sine Wave All-in-One Solar Inverter

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6200W Pure Sine Wave Hybrid Inverter

6.2KW Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter efficiently converts AC 220V to DC 48V or vice versa, ensuring seamless compatibility with various devices. With an LCD setting, you can configure the input voltage range for home appliances and adjust the battery charging current based on specific applications, optimizing performance.

120A Built-In MPPT Solar Charge Controller

The Built-In MPPT Solar Charge Controller, offering exceptional compatibility with 48V lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, and user-defined batteries, perfectly combines a MPPT solar charge controller and an AC battery charger, ensuring efficient and rapid charging. With a maximum charging current of 120A (MPPT plus AC), it ensures efficient and rapid charging for your battery system.

Multiple Charging and Output Modes

This versatile hybrid inverter offers 3 charging modes (Only Solar, Utility First, or Solar&Utility) and 2 output modes (Solar First, Utility First), allowing flexibility in power delivery based on your power source preference. In Solar Priority Mode, the inverter intelligently switches between utility and battery based on a settable battery voltage point, ensuring optimal utilization of solar energy.

Full System Protection

With comprehensive protection features, it automatically restarts when AC power recovers, ensuring uninterrupted operation. Benefit from overload, over-temperature, and short circuit protection, safeguarding your system. The smart battery charger design optimizes battery performance for longer life.