14.4KWH 48V Lithium Battery Pack

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Rack type energy storage battery is mainly used in the field of household power storage. At the same time, it is also suitable for the internal energy storage of RV, household energy storage and temporary buildings. lt adopts high-performance and long-life lithium iron phosphate battery as the basic energy storage unit, combined with advanced lithium-ion battery management system industrial design of household products and other technologies. Ensure that products have high reliability and high industrialization standards.

Rack type energy storage battery covers the energy demand of a single machine from the 2.5kwh to 14.4kwh.

Rack type products have wall mounting function and can support external parallel use function, which greatly improves the convenience of use. Through scientific and reasonable active heat dissipation. Rack type energy storage battery improves the consistency of internal temperature field, prolongs service life, and enables the product to continuously output high current.

1. The battery adopts a high-performance lithium iron phosphate battery with high safety performance and long service life.
2. External weak current switch reduces product power consumption and improves the safety of transportation and storage.
3. With RS485/CAN communication function, it can easily communicate with the equipment communication
4. External wireless module can be connected for remote data monitoring and corresponding control.
5. lt has multiple protection functions to protect the safety of power supply inan all-around way.
6. The output is stable and can be connected to different loads with in the voltage range.
7. Support up to 15 independent modules for parallel use.

Number of Modules: 3
Product number: ECG-48V-100AH-15S-3
Array Mode: 15S
Nominal Energy(KWh): 14.4
Minimum Energy (KWh): ≥10.0
Nominal Voltage(V) :48
Charge Voltage (V): 54.7
Discharge Cut-off Voltage (V): 42
Standard Charging Current: 20
Max.Continuous Charging Current: 100
Max.Continuous discharging Current: 100
Communication Mode: ≥6000 times @80%DOD, 25℃
Cycle Life: RS485/CAN
Operating Temp: Charging: 0~60°C; Discharging: -10°C~65°C
Size(L×W×H)mm: 515×493×180
Weight(Kg) :124.5
Package dimensions (L×W×H): mm 587×537×1032
Gross weight(Kg): 157.5
Parallel Support: YES, Max. 15 modules

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