400Ah 51.2V LifePO4 Lithium Battery

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01 - Long Battery Life

The 51.2V stacked lithium battery adopts high-performance lithium iron phosphate battery with high safety performance and long service life, more than 6000 cycles, 100A continuous discharge current, and wide operating temperature range. External weak current switch reduces product power consumption and improves the safety of transportation and storage.

02 - Space Saver

The PowMr 20kwh stacked battery is an easy to install, space conscious, modular battery energy storage solution or BESS for short. The ease of installation and sleek design make for an ideal residential and small business solution.

03 - Stackable

The advanced BMS adopts customized software to automatically protect & manage battery system, intelligently distribute energy to max the performance and send alerts in time, it has multiple protection functions to protect the safety of power supply in an all-round way.
With RS485/CAN communication function, it can easily communicate with the equipment with communication.

04 - Reliable & Safe

The PowMr stacked battery provides a reliable solution for homeowners looking for high-capacity solar energy storage for whole-home backup. Its modular design allows for easy expansion, making it a flexible solution that can grow with your energy needs. The battery’s live communications, real-time display, and mobile access also make it easy to monitor and manage, providing peace of mind and control over your energy usage.