11000W 48VDC 220VAC Hybrid Solar Inverter Dual MPPT tracker plus Parallel 6pcs with BMS

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1. Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The 11000Watt 220Vac 48Vdc pure sine wave hybrid inverter is an efficient and reliable solution for converting DC to AC power. It features a high-quality pure sine wave output, advanced safety protections, and a range of charging and output modes for optimal performance.

2. Duel MPPT Charge Controller for Multiple Battety Options

The integrated Mppt charge controller support 48V lead-acid batteries (Flooded, AGM, Sealed Lead Acid, Gel), LiFePO4 batteries and lithium batteries (in User Mode) can power all kinds of appliances such as tube light, fan, refrigerator and air conditioner.

3. Flexible Setting of the Priority for Charging and Output

This inverter charger provides 3 charging modes(Solar First, Only Solar, Hybrid Charging) and 2 output modes(Utility First, Solar First), you can flexibly set the priority for power input and output based on your specific needs and environmental conditions. This allows for the full utilization of available energy resources to meet your power requirements efficiently.

4. Support Up to 6 Units in Parallel Connection

With the capability to parallel up to 6 units, this inverter not only enables the operation of high-power appliances, expanding the system's capacity to 48kW, but also supports three-phase equipment to meet your specific demands. This ensures reliable and efficient performance for all of your power needs.