Stacked Battery (LiFePO4) of 204V/307V/409V/512V 50Ah

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ECGSOLAX stacked battery (LiFePO4) is a powerful energy solution. With multiple voltages (204V, 307V, 409V, 512V) and 50Ah capacity, it ensures ample power supply. The embedded smart BMS offers comprehensive protection and balance, while RS485 and CAN interfaces enable seamless communication with your inverter. Trust its reliability for residential or commercial applications.

Model No: 204V50Ah 307V50Ah 409V50Ah 512V50Ah
Voltage: 204V 307V 409V 512V
Capacity: 50Ah
Energy: 10.2KWh 15.35KWh 20.5KWh 25.6KWh
Dimensions(L*W*H): 590*360*600mm 590*360*750mm 590*360*900mm 590*360*1050mm
Weight(kg): 95kg(about) 133kg(about) 172kg(about) 212kg(about)
Operation temperate: - 10℃~60℃ @ 60±20% Relati
Storage temperature: 0℃~45℃ @ 60±20% Relative
Protection grad: IP21
Operation voltage: 204V 307V 409V 512V
Max. charging voltage: 233V 350V 467V 584V
Cut-off discharge voltage: 160V 240V 320V 400V
Max. Charging current: 25A
Max. Discharging current: 50A

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